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Tool Version Matrix

The versions of ML & Data tools included with each version of deployKF.

Kubeflow Ecosystem

This section lists the versions of tools in the Kubeflow Ecosystem which are included in each version of deployKF.

Kubeflow Pipelines

The Kubeflow Pipelines component versions:

deployKF 0.1.0 - 0.1.4 0.1.5+
Kubeflow Pipelines 2.0.0-alpha.7 2.1.0-deploykf.0
Argo Workflows 3.3, 3.4[1] [2] 3.3, 3.4[1] [2]

Kubeflow Pipelines SDK Versions

You MUST use the correct version of the Kubeflow Pipelines Python SDK, using the wrong version of the SDK will result in errors. The following table shows the correct SDK version to use with each version of deployKF:

deployKF Version Kubeflow Pipelines SDK Version
0.1.4 and earlier v1 pip install kfp==1.18.22
0.1.5 and later v2 pip install kfp>=2.0.0,<3
What does the -deploykf.X version suffix mean?

Due to upstream issues with Kubeflow Pipelines, we maintain a fork in the deployKF/kubeflow-pipelines repository. From an end-user perspective, the fork is functionally identical to upstream, and works with the official kfp Python SDK.

Can I bring my own version of Argo Workflows?

By default, deployKF will install the correct version of Argo Workflows for the version of Kubeflow Pipelines you are using. Right now, its a little complex to bring your own Argo Workflows version.

See deployKF/deployKF#116 to join the discussion.

Kubeflow Notebooks

The Kubeflow Notebooks component versions:

deployKF 0.1.0+
Notebooks Web App 1.7.0
Notebooks Controller 1.7.0
PodDefaults Webhook 1.7.0

Kubeflow Katib

The Kubeflow Katib component versions:

deployKF 0.1.0+
Kubeflow Katib 0.15.0

Kubeflow Training Operator

The Kubeflow Training Operator component versions:

deployKF 0.1.0+
Kubeflow Training Operator 1.6.0

Kubeflow Volumes

The Kubeflow Volumes component versions:

deployKF 0.1.0+
Volumes Web App 1.7.0

Kubeflow TensorBoards

The Kubeflow TensorBoards component versions:

deployKF 0.1.0+
TensorBoards Web App 1.7.0
TensorBoards Controller 1.7.0

Last update: 2024-05-29
Created: 2024-04-21