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Modes of Operation

Learn about the "modes of operation" in deployKF.


There are two ways to use deployKF which we call "modes of operation". These modes change how the Kubernetes manifests are generated and applied to your cluster.

The following table summarizes the two modes:

Mode Description
ArgoCD Plugin Mode You install the deployKF ArgoCD Plugin on your ArgoCD instance. The plugin adds a new kind of ArgoCD Application which understands deployKF config values and can generate manifests directly, without requiring a git repo.
Manifests Repo Mode You use the deploykf CLI to generate manifests (including ArgoCD Applications). You commit these generated manifests to a git repo for ArgoCD to apply to your cluster.

To learn how to use each mode, see the Getting Started guide.

Recommended Mode of Operation

For most users, we recommend the ArgoCD Plugin Mode.

Last update: 2024-03-14
Created: 2024-03-14