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Cluster Dependencies

Learn about the cluster dependencies of deployKF and how to configure them.


deployKF has "cluster dependencies" which are required to run the platform. In this case "cluster" means Kubernetes applications or services (e.g. istio, cert-manager).

Existing Versions

By default, all cluster dependencies are installed as part of deployKF. However, you may use existing versions of these dependencies, if you already have them installed.

Cluster Dependency Guides

The following table lists the cluster dependencies, and how to use an existing version:

Dependency Purpose in deployKF Use Existing Version
Argo CD Used to deploy and manage the lifecycle of the platform. Required
Cert-Manager Generating and maintaining TLS/HTTPS certificates. Optional
Istio Network service mesh for the platform, used to enforce client authentication and secure internal traffic. Optional
Kyverno Mutating resources, replicating secrets across namespaces, and restarting Pods when configs change. Optional
(coming soon)

Last update: 2024-03-14
Created: 2024-03-14