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Get Support

Learn how to get support for deployKF. See options for commercial support, open-source support, reporting a bug, or requesting a feature.

Commercial Support

Commercial support is available for deployKF.

Please connect with Aranui Solutions, the company started by the creators of deployKF:

Email our Team
Visit our Website

Open-Source Support

We provide best-effort support to open-source users of deployKF through the following channels:

  1. Post a message on the Slack
  2. Start a GitHub Discussion
  3. Start a thread on the Users Mailing List

Bugs and Feature Requests

We welcome your feedback!

To report a bug or request a feature, please raise an issue on the relevant deployKF repository:

Component Repository Issues
deployKF deployKF/deployKF Issues
deployKF CLI deployKF/cli Issues
deployKF Website deployKF/website Issues

Last update: 2024-06-17
Created: 2023-04-23