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An introduction to deployKF.

About deployKF

deployKF builds machine learning platforms on Kubernetes. We combine the best of Kubeflow, Airflow, and MLflow into a complete platform that is easy to deploy and maintain.

Coming soon, see our current and future tools.

Why use deployKF?

deployKF combines the ease of a managed service with the flexibility of a self-hosted solution.

Our goal is that any Kubernetes user can build a machine learning platform for their organization, without needing specialized MLOps knowledge, or a team of experts to maintain it.

The key features of deployKF are:

Video Introduction

Our presentation from Kubeflow Summit 2023, where we introduced deployKF to the community.

Use deployKF

Now that you know what deployKF is, you can get started with the following guides:

Support the Project

deployKF is a new and growing project. If you like what we are doing, please help others discover us by sharing the project with your colleagues and/or the wider community.

We greatly appreciate GitHub Stars ⭐ on the deployKF/deployKF repository:

deployKF GitHub Star History (Dark Mode) deployKF GitHub Star History (Light Mode)

Other Resources

Commercial Support

To discuss commercial support options for deployKF, please connect with Aranui Solutions, the company started by the creators of deployKF.

Visit Website Email Aranui Solutions


The deployKF community uses the Kubeflow Slack for informal discussions among users and contributors.

After you join, connect with us on the #deploykf channel!

Join the Slack

User Stories

We are always excited to see how and where deployKF is being used!

Here are some stories of deployKF being used in the wild:

Organization Article / Video
Cloudflare A look inside the Cloudflare ML Ops platform

Have a story to share? Let us know!
Also, you can add your organization to the Adopters List.

History of deployKF

deployKF was originally created and is maintained by Mathew Wicks (GitHub: @thesuperzapper), a Kubeflow lead and maintainer of the popular Apache Airflow Helm Chart. deployKF is a community-led project that welcomes contributions from anyone who wants to help.

Last update: 2024-03-28
Created: 2023-11-28